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For rock climbers the Yosemite Valley is a favorite spot. It represents just one percent of the entire park area, but the granite cliffs are outstandingly stern in their majestic beauty, accessible for climbing throughout the year. Rock climbers who ascend them have the convenience of accommodation in a cabin in Yosemite Park where they can rest following emotion filled climbing. Granite domes such as the Half Dome and the Sentinel Dome are popular with tourists around the world, and they offer opportunities for ascending 4,800 and 3,000 feet respectively, to provide fascinating vistas for picture taking and delighting in the majestic scenery.

Tourists who arrive for vacations of rock climbing in the Yosemite Valley are first presented with the Tunnel View, a sight that is perennial favorite for capturing in pictures for everyone. Another majestic cliff that towers over the Yosemite Valley is the so called El Capitan, and it is popular with thousands of rock climbers for its diversity of climbing routes.

In addition to granite cliffs, red metamorphic rocks complement the rockscape of the Yosemite Valley. For tourists who wish to gaze at extraordinary natural features, the Lyell Glacier is a must to see and photograph. Being one of just a few glaciers that have remained in the Sierra Nevada, it is the largest of them and is a famous landmark.

With cabin rentals in Yosemite Valley, both seasoned rock climbers and excited tourists who enjoy breath taking nature can have a pleasant stay in comfort and convenience.

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