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There are different types of gates that are available in the market. The choice of attachments can vary depending on either metal gates or either on wooden gates. Metal gates though tough and long lasting are only meant to be used in an urban setting where the risk of robbery and vandalism is pretty high. On the other hand, there are wooden gates which are not as tough as metal gates but look really neat and give a feeling or grandeur. Wooden gates can be used in a rural setting where people usually have vacation homes or farm houses. It would tend to fit the décor of the place a bit too well. Wooden automatic electric security gates London are a great way to ensure that you are well protected.

There are lots of places that use wooden gates that are automatic. Many French vineyards use these kinds of gates to ensure that it gives a feeling of grandeur to their estates. An automatic gate is able to perform a lot of different functions from automated gate opening to manual opening when someone comes over. When you install automated electric gates London, the material can either be wood or metal. But the mechanism that is used to control the gate is common. This mechanism also ensures that the gate cannot be tampered with by any unknown person apart from the owners. Now, with the help of skilled designers a lot of different types of designs are possible.

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  1. It’s worth noting that if you rent out a residential property that has automated gates this is regarded in law as a commercial gate and will be subject more stringent regulation and safety reg’s