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Dean Graziosi Reviews reflect the views of the people who are supposed to have read the books or been through the programs.  Sadly, so many reviews talk about this man negatively, then add a link at the end of the “review” offering a service or “get rich quick” scheme to entice the reader into a trap.  These kinds of reviews cannot be truly indicative of somebody who actually read the book.  There are other reviews that claim that the whole programmed offered by this man is a scam.  Scams don’t help people succeed.  

The positive comments that are available in some of the reviews show that there are many success stories.  Claiming that the whole program offered is a scam is nothing short of stupidity.   It appears obvious that most of the people making these claims were not prepared to get down to the actual implementation of the programs, but opted to read the book, like a novel, then decided to pass judgment on it.  

The Dan Graziosi scam simply does not exist.  Providing an instruction manual on how to maneuver through the quagmire of real estate; telling the reader how to do it, and what to do in order to move to the next step, needs to be put into practice, not just read about and shelved.  Couch judges cannot claim to know exactly why the programs are a scam.  They should implement the programs and discover for themselves how possible it is to become “somebody” with just a few clever tips in real estate.

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