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The expenses associated with renting an office in Singapore can be somewhat significant, and if you wish to rent a new office for your business, you need to be aware of the expenditures you will have coming to you.
Deposits and other fees
Before you can occupy an office for your use, it is common practice in Singapore to put a refundable security deposit. This is usually worth about three months of gross rent, and it is usually payable in two steps. The first is paid when the Letter of Intent and the Letter of Offer are exchanged, and the balance is paid upon the start of the lease term, the occupation of the office space, or even by the signing of the rental agreement. At the end of the lease, you may be able to recover your entire security deposit, but the landlord has the legal right to deduct expenses from the security deposit if you breach any portion of the terms of the lease.
You will also be required to put a renovation deposit if you plan on doing major modifications in your office space. The deposit will cover any potential damage your renovations may cause in the common areas of the building.
Other fees associated with the office rental agreement include the stamp duty. In Singapore this usually falls upon the tenant. This is roughly the equivalent of about 0.4% of the cumulative rental value of the office during the lease period. This means that the stamp duty for a two-year lease with SGD 4000 monthly rent would be about SGD 384 (4000 rent x 12 months x 2 years x 0.004).
The gross rent
In Singapore, the fee for office rental is referred to as the Gross Rent. This is commonly paid on a monthly basis and includes: the base rent which depends on the number of square feet of Singapore office space; the 7% Goods and Service Tax (or GST) if the owner of the office space is registered with the GST; and service fees—typically ranging from SGD 0.75 to SGD 1.20 per square feet—to pay for standard management services provided by the office space owner. Examples of these services include the security provisions, any repairs initiated, office cleaning, and the air conditioning. These service fees are usually specified in most Singapore office rental agreements, which often include a clause explicitly stating that these service fees may increase during the lease duration.
Extras: utilities, maintenance, and parking
Telecommunications and electricity bills are to be shouldered by the tenant, and paid directly to the appropriate service providers. Most office buildings in Singapore have centralized air conditioning and the payment for this service during office hours is included in the gross rent. Air conditioning services after regular office hours will entail additional fees.
As for car parking, it greatly depends upon specific location situations. Many landlords allocate seasonal car park spaces depending on the size of the office. Inside the Central Business District, the monthly charge for these spaces at range from SGD 170 to SGD 300. Outside the CBD, they cost about SGD 100 to 200.

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