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This is a song that has the singer imagining a situation where his baby leaves him. He paints a gloomy picture should that happen in it will rain lyrics by opting for a pain killer as a medication for what will befall him. To him what they have now but wouldn’t have then will be hard to live without. In the song the singer shows how such a thought is unimaginable and that no spiritual remedy would be enough to save remedy.

There is no belief in the power prayer when he says the longest time spent on his knees wouldn’t change anything for the better after the estrangement. While lost without you lyrics dwell on the singer’s inability to move on, it will rain’s words has the singer reminding his baby about the sacrifices he is making so that he can keep her always on his side. Sacrifice is what he does to keep her from walking out the door.

Like in lost without you lyrics our man proclaims to his darling in case of a parting “there will be no sunlight”. There would also be no clear skies if he ever lost his baby. He drives his message by comparing clouds to the clouding in his eyes. The result will be the raining of tears from his eyes like the cloud does rain, rain and rain. He concludes by telling her that he would care for her happiness the same way her parents would.

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