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A mountain or a road bike – that is the question. There are myriads of mountain and road bikes Melbourne shops that could quite easily give the answer. First thing to consider before ever buying a bike is what the bike will be used for – having fun, doing some exercise, enjoying the countryside, commuting to work or hiking off-road terrains. Once the type of bike has been determined, here comes the turn of the experienced and committed to their job bike sales assistants that would give the necessary information as to which type and brand of bike would perfectly fit and suit the customer in question.

Mountain bikes are preferred for riding on dirty, rocky trails, gravel roads, bumps and ruts. They are very strong, with great braking systems, wide tires with knobby treads and lower gears that let them climb up very steep terrains. Mountain bikes (especially the more expensive models) are relatively lightweight and with straight handlebars letting riders keep an upright position – the best choice for taller people and people with back pain.

Road bikes are best suited for people who enjoy fast riding, fitness riding, long-distance riding, racing and touring. They are designed with slim tires, light weight and aerodynamic riding positioning making them much faster than mountain bikes. The beefy construction of most road bikes makes them uncomfortable for long rides on very rough surfaces. Their specific characteristics, however, turn them into the perfect choice for speedy riding on well-paved streets and flat terrains in the woods.


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