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Head lice are a common issue. It can be difficult to trace the origins of a particular case, but generally, head lice are transferred from one person to the other through head-to-head contact. They live on the scalp and lay eggs that are attached to the hair shaft. They have a life cycle of one month. During this period, they feed on blood sucked from the scalp. Movement of head lice on the scalp can go undetected, but their bites can cause a lot of irritation. To protect the scalp from getting damaged, it must be treated with the right head lice treatment formula. Using a Lice Shampoo might be the right thing to do.


Today, there are several treatments that are available to get rid of lice. Having head lice is not the only issue. Lice constantly lay eggs, known as nits, that hatch in a seven day period. One female louse can lay up to ten eggs in one day. This is the reason why lice multiply in great numbers quickly. If it is not treated with an effective product, and infestation will occur and lice will spread to all others around the infested person. You can try a Natural Lice Treatment such as olive oil treatments followed by washing the hair with a natural anti-lice shampoo. These shampoos are specifically designed to break down the glue like substance that nits use to attach to the hair shaft. Women can make use of blow dryers and flat irons to get rid of head lice and eggs, as high and dry heat is effective at killing both. Head Lice Treatment is an essential aspect of hair care.

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