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When you are looking for the perfect croquet set, there are five factors that you must have in mind. These are the price, durability, size, weight and quality of the desired set. The sets can ideally be categorized into three, that is, the adult sized sets, child sized sets and professional sets. In this article, each category will be analyzed based on the above mentioned factors.

When you are looking for the perfect sets for children, size would be an important factor. Child sized sets are also usually inexpensive and lightweight. In most cases, the set is made up of 9 wickets, 2 stakes, 6 balls and 6 mallets. The sets are usually not durable, since many of them are made as inexpensive as possible and may require replacement soon. They are also unsuitable for adults.
On the other hand, adult sized sets, which are generally more expensive, are usually made up of 4 balls, 9 wickets, a rule book, 4 mallets, 2 stakes and wicket clips. The croquet sets are ideally made to be used in backyard croquet. These kinds of sets are heavier than the children sets and also larger in size for obvious reasons. The quality will depend on the manufacturer.

Lastly, there are sets used by professionals in playing croquet tournaments. Croquet clubs consider quality when looking out for designs of their sets. Many manufacturers who make professional pieces sell separate components which are mostly handmade. Other accessories such as game clocks, rubber hammer, and the string and boundary settings can also be bought though inexpensively.

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